7 ways of transferring files from remote server to localhost

Whether you are developer, devops guy or a sys admin in charge of multiple servers, you’ll always find yourself wanting to move files from one machine to another. It’s not an easy feat for first-timers, but it gets easy with a bit of experience.

There are several ways of moving

How to have faith and not fear

Faith and fear are two equal but opposite forces.
Fear is simply faith in the negative stuff. The absolute belief that something undesirable or unpleasant will happen to us.

Both fear and faith come by meditation. When you wrap your mind around negative thoughts, then fear will inevitably yield, but

Don’t confuse what you love with your profession

What you love is the thing or things that you naturally gravitate towards in life. The thing that you like to do even if you weren’t paid to do it. It’s the things that make life more pleasant and enjoyable to live. This is what you do with your heart.

I have survived a Long distance relationship

It was a Tueday if I recall when I called ‘ma men’ I will alias Kool K. I told him I wanted to talk to him, so we agreed to meet over coffee at Cafe Bravo in town. He completely had to idea what I was about to disclose to

Don’t be sick and Google

Last night I could barely catch some sleep. During the course of the week, I noticed I had developed weakness in the muscles. I brushed it off suspecting it was either physical fatigue or that I was simply feeling under the weather.

Then I started developing some blisters on my

Explaining how the internet works to a 5-year old

The magic of the internet has never really stopped to fascinate me. The internet is simple but genius. It simply works yet very few people understand exactly what goes behind the scenes when they visit a website such as Facebook.

So today, I want to explain simply but in detail

How I got interested in Computers and taught myself coding

I don’t remember exactly my first encounter with computers. But I guess it was in my senior one or two holiday where my Dad took me to his workplace in a textile industry in Jinja. It was there that my eyes were sort of opened to a myriad of new

Awesome http clients you can use to build or use RESTFul APIs

RESTFul APIs are taking over the web. In fact creating APIs is the way that we develop applications now days. That’s because RESTFul APIs enable you to quickly build multi-platform apps for your own internal systems or for third parties.

Am currently working on a project at my work place

How to write about yourself

Have you met someone or gone for an interview and you are asked to talk about yourself and your mind goes blank? Talking about yourself is probably one of the hardest things to do in the world. I bet you agree, uh.

Writing or talking about oneself is no easy

How I try to stay productive throughout the day

This is really a tough one. I tend to imagine productivity in the 19th Century was a lot higher than it is today. That’s especially because the 19th century worker didn’t have much to do. They simply had farms where one would cultivate their crops or rare livestock. Less is